The Pros and Cons of using web design templates

So, you are looking to design a new website for your business. There are a lot of factors that you should consider in order to make it effective site for your business goals. You will need to decide who will design and maintain your website (if you hire anyone), how you will host it and which CMS you will choose. While these factors are very important to consider when crafting your site. The most important factor is whether you want a custom-made web design or a template.

If you want a customise site, you will need to start from scratch. This means using CSS, PHP and HTM that satisfy particularly your brand needs. Whereas if you decide to use a template, there are numerous ready-made options which caters to your brand requirements. Whichever option you choose, each one of these have their own advantages and drawbacks.

Before you start crafting a template for your website design, make sure to consider its pros and cons.

Here are some of the important pros of buying a web design template:

  • Cost-effective

Purchasing a web design template is a very cost-effective option in many ways. It is not very easy to set up though. They are available at a very low price generally between a price ranges of $0-$95. If you want more built-in features it will minimize its cost of setup and development. No matter whether or not you hire a web design company for setting up your site. It will save your cost as well as time in comparison to using a custom-made site.

  • Easy Set-Up

The web developers know that their templates will be used at different levels of businesses. So, they design a template in a way that it can perform a number of functions easily. This means including numerous widgets, built-in functionality and other options that can make it easy to set-up. So, any user can easily install and set it up. Along with this they provide very flexible designs that can be modified according to business needs of users.

If you are a first-time user, then you can purchase templates with a flexible framework. This means you can easily change the content of your site and add new features to give an advance experience to your users.

  • Plenty of Options

When you search best “WordPress Templates” on Google, you will immediately get thousands of choices. Also, there is no surprise that you will get exactly what you have purchased. However, the more options you get, the more difficult it becomes to choose a most suitable template for your site requirements.

  • Reliable Updates

After you purchase template for your site, you will get various theme updates. It will allow you to keep your site running smoothly and diminish any bugs. When you use CMS platforms like WordPress, its theme updates can cause various problems. However, when you use a site template, you can access easy support from the developers.

  • Built-in Functionality

Typically, all web design templates come with a plenty of built-in functionality. This includes WYSIWYG editing abilities, SEO features and more. It will save your money, time and efforts required which will help to save you time, money, and hassle in all areas of website management.

Here are some cons of using a web design template:

Beside various advantages of using a site template, there are also some drawbacks that you must know. Make sure to be aware of them when considering to buy a template for your site.

  • Issues regarding Updates and Compatibility

Make sure to know when your theme was crafted and updated the last time. If you find that it has not been updated from several months and theme support forums are also not active. You may not continue receiving their support. If you purchase it, it will create more problems for you such as updates and compatibility issues.

  • Making custom DIY adjustments are difficult

If you want to get a completely custom made site, then you must choose a suitable template. It must allow you to make any changes in your site without hassle. However, you will have to invest more cost and time for its higher development. Sometimes this can be more troublesome than it is worth. Plus, it can be very expensive and complicated to make adjustments in custom made template designs. And if it is not done correct, you may have to compromise with reliability and integrity of your site theme.

It is best to choose a template carefully so it exactly suits your web design needs. If you have any doubts, never hesitate to get assistance from the Template Finder developers or check out the FAQ section.


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