Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Templatefinder.co.nz don’t issue any refunds after the order is prepared and sent. As we provide products that are non-tangible and irrevocable. As an aware customer you must know this before buying any item or goods from our website.

However, sometimes unexpected circumstances can occur related to the features of the items that we offer. Thus, we accept only certain refund requests based on the following reasons:

  • Non-delivery of goods: It can be because of some mailing problems of your e-mail provider. Sometimes you may not get a delivery e-mail from us because of issue in your own mail server. In this case you may submit the claim for non-delivery in written to our Billing department within 14 days after placing the order. Or else, we will consider that you have received and downloaded the product.
  • Issues related to downloading and unzipping the product: It may occur when you have problem in downloading and unzipping the product. You may submit such claims to our Technical Support department. During this period of time, if you don’t report to our team about the problem. We may consider your silence as no reason for any refund or redress regarding download problem. And we may consider that you have successfully downloaded the product. Therefore, if you fail to get any help for unzipping and downloading within 3 days, we may decline your refund.
  • Any major defects or unexpected errors: Before sending any product, we make sure to test it properly. However, some unexpected errors may occur sometimes. In that case, please make sure to submit your problem with our Technical Support Team and get their approval. We are responsible for correcting the defect or error within 72 hours. If we fail to rectify it or any imperfection is found within 72 hours from the date of first complaint letter or some other notification given by the client, we will issue the full refund with no reimbursements or compensations. Additionally, we can also replace the product of same or near the same value according to customer’s choice. Please consult us regarding the temporary access to your server by our technicians to determine and rectify the possible defects or issues with our products. Because if we fail to access your website on time it may delay the rectification of the problem. However, if you deny our access to your server, it disqualify you from getting a refund.
  • Product not-as-described: If you don’t receive the product as described, make sure to report such issues to our Technical Support Department within 14 days from the purchasing date. You should provide appropriate evidence indicating that the purchased product is not-as-it-described on our website. Please note that we don’t honor requests that are based only on customer’s false expectations. We offer samples for similar products under our free template section for the purpose of evaluation.

Please keep in mind that we don’t fulfill any requests regarding return/refund/ exchange depending on our product incompatibility with the software of some other third-party. This is valid for all items like modules, scripts, plug-ins, extensions, search engines, add-ons, etc. Other than this, it also applies to those items which are specified as compatible in the product description given on each product’s preview page. We don’t offer any support for applications offered by a third party. Also there is no guarantee that our items are 100% compatible with the programs offered by any third party. We are always happy to help our clients and provide regular professional support with the help of our Technical Support Team. Thank you for visiting us and buying our products.

Contact Us: www.templatefinder.co.nz/contact
Address: 83B Tristram Street, Hamilton, 3204
Phone: 07 834 6666

Our Support team will get back to resolve your problem within 12-24 hours. We accept refund requests within two weeks after placing the order. When you apply for refund, please provide detailed and grounded reasons. Please keep in mind that your request for a refund don’t contradict our Terms and Conditions. We will issue you a refund consequent to a Waiver of Copyright receipt signed by you.