Refund Policy

Refund Policy

At, we provide intangible and unchangeable products. So we don’t provide refunds after accomplishing the order and receiving the product. Being a client you must understand this refund policy upon buying goods from our website. We offer rewards on behalf of our respected partners and not as a issue for a chargeback or refund. But we realize that sometimes exceptional situations can take place in relation to the attributes of the goods that we provide. Hence, we consider the following reasons to honor requests for the refund.

  • Non-delivery of the item/product: Sometimes there can be issues in your own mail server or some mailing issues by your e-mail provider. Due to this you may not get a delivery message from our team. Make sure to contact us for help in such a case. Be sure to submit the claims for non-delivery of items to our Billing department. It should be in writing and submitted within 14 days from the date of placing the order. Otherwise, we will consider that you have got and downloaded the product.
  • Download and Unzipping problems: When downloading or unzipping the product, you have some difficulty. Submit claims related to such problems with our Technical Support department. However, if you don’t talk to us during this time, we will assume that you have successfully downloaded your product. Thus, there will be no further right of refund or redress for any reason of download issue. If you fail to get any help for downloading or unzipping within 3 days, you may receive a refund disapproval. Also give clear proof that how purchased product differ from the product as described on our site. However, we don’t honor complaints that are based on the false expectations of customers. We provide sample products at our free sample template sections for evaluation.
  • Major defects: Before we release any product, our team check it thoroughly. This is to eliminate any unexpected errors. Make sure to report such defects to our Technical Support Team. We are responsible for rectifying the defect or error in 72 hours. However, if we fail to rectify any major defect within a period of 72 hours from the date of submitting the complain or any other notification given by the client. We will give full refund to the customer with no reimbursements or compensations. We will even replace the product with one of the same price or around the same price on customer’s demand. Please allow our technicians to access your server so we can identify and correct the possible issues by using our products. If you fail to give us such access on time, it may result in a delayed rectification of the issue. Further, if you refuse to provide access to your sever it will disqualify you from getting a refund.

We don’t provide any assurance regarding the compatibility of our items with some third-party applications. Also note that we don’t take responsibility for return/exchange/refund requests depending on our products incompatibility with other third-party software (add-ons, scripts, plug-ins, search engines, extensions, modules, etc.). These are other than those software and elements that are declared as compatible in the above mentioned description given on every product preview page.  

Our Technical Support Team always offer highly professional assistance and is always willing to help people promptly.

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When you contact us, our Support team will respond you back within 12-24 hours. At, we approve requests for a refund within 2 weeks times after you order a product. Make sure to furnish detailed and established reasons when you request a refund. We will give you a refund upon a Waiver of Copyright receipt with your signature on it. Please be sure not apply for a refund that contradict our Terms and Conditions.