How to choose the best colour for your website?

Choosing appropriate colour pattern for a website highly influence its success. A website must use enticing and inviting design patterns. This will allow users to easily navigate throughout the site and collect necessary information. It will also make them take action and drive your sales. The best idea is to have a site with pleasing aesthetics that leave the best impression on the first time.

How to choose the best colour for your website?

The principles of choosing the right colours and Web Design

It can be very difficult to determine which colour is best to represent your website. This is because different colours have different meanings. Also, there are several colours that can give a very unprofessional appearance to your website. However, you will want to represent a clear message that your brand wants to indicate to your users. For this it is important to understand the meaning of each colour.

There are 3 major aspects of colour theory that need to be understood:

  • Complementation: Usually colours which complement each other are found opposite to each other. For example, purple is complementary to yellow and red to green. Using complementary colours in a right way can help in creating impressive designs.
  • Contrast: When it comes to web designing contrasting colours help in creating readability. It also helps in attracting user’s attention towards a particular page. Mostly it is wise to use dark colour for text and light colour for the background.
  • Vibrancy: Different colours evoke different mood that is referred as vibrancy. Colours like purple, green and blue are cooler and darker. Hence, they tend to be more congenial and harmonious. Whereas shades like red, yellow and orange are warm and bright. These colours tend to energize and excite us.

The Meaning of different Colours

Different colours convey a lot of different meanings indirectly. When these colours are used in combination they represent powerful meaning. However, it can often misguide your brand message towards your customers. Consequently, it is important to understand the meaning each colour conveys. So, you can select an appropriate colour theme for your business website. You can also take the help of a graphic designer. They will assist you in choosing the most appropriate colour from your business, target audience and brand.

Red – This shade stands for war, energy, desire, passion, courage, strength and love. Being a highly emotional colour, it conveys a feel of urgency.

Yellow – It is related to imagination, joy, food and feelings. Being a charming and cheerful colour it attracts peoples attention.

Blue – This colour is generally related to intelligence. It indicates honest, trust, calmness, trade and faith.  

Green – It is associated with nature and wealth. Green colour also indicates refreshment, balance, restoration and health. Also, it is a very relaxing shade.

Pink – It represents friendship, romance, sexuality, love and nurture. Normally, it is considered as a feminine and romantic colour.

Orange – It stimulates appetite and also create a call to action. This colour is generally related to passion, creativity, encouragement and warmth.

Purple – This colour indicates vision, truth and quality. It also holds a spiritual characteristic according to some cultures as it is soothing.

Black – Commonly it symbolizes for power and versatility. It represents power, boldness, elegance and efficiency.

Choosing Colours for Your Website

According to experts many websites stick to using a minimal palette of colours usually two to three. You must also remember the importance of call to actions. Also maintain consistency in the colour pattern of your site. For example, keep the headings great on all the pages with a few changes. Make sure to use only one colour for interactive features and buttons. Leave lots of white space on your website design. So, your content and important messages have enough space to get highlighted. When building your site, always segregate your target audience depending on gender, age, and interests.

Remember your website design hold great importance for your user. After all, a website is a digital brochure of the products and services that you offer.


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