Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are the benefits of buying a website template

There are usually many benefits of buying a website template. It is easy to set up and you will get abundant of choices with built in functionality. The major advantage is however its low price. A great quality web design will cost you between just $20 to $70. You don’t need to depend on a web design studio or web designer. Another major advantage is time: You can have your high quality website up and running within just 5-15 days. 


2. Will I get any additional scripts with templates or do you provide custom programming services?

We don’t include any extra scripts with our templates. Though we can easily add basic scripts at www.templatefinder.co.nz. While elements like image galleries, search fields, newsletter, forums, subscriptions are not active. If you have any doubts regarding the activation of the element you want, feel free to clarify through our Technical Support Team.


3. What will you provide if I place an order for a template?

First, you will need to complete the payment through our secure form. After that we will give you clear instructions to download the product. Depending on the type of selected product, you will get different source files in the download package. If you want to open .zip archive, then you need to unzip software. Please visit www.WinZip.com, if you are a Windows user. If you are a Mac user, then please visit www.StuffIt.com.


4. What am I allowed and not allowed to do with the templates?

You are allowed to: Use the template in any way you want to design a website.

You are not allowed to: Use the same template for another project (You may order the same template again to use it for one more project). Redistribute or resell the templates like our company does. Request exclusive or unique ownership of our any product (modified or unmodified). All products are property of content providing companies and individuals.


5. How exclusive and non-exclusive purchase vary?

Non-exclusive purchase: If make a non-unique purchase, it means that other customers can purchase the same template some time later.

Exclusive purchase: It gives you the assurance that the product you have purchased is unique and won’t be available for other customers. Only previous buyers of the template and you will own it. This means that the template is permanently removed from the sales directory after its sale.


6. Is it possible to purchase a unique template that was already purchased before?

Of course, it is possible. As there is very little possibility that you will find a similar template design on the web.  According to current statistics available on Google, more than 1,341,000,000 websites are available online.


7. Can I get a specific image from the template when I buy from Templatefinder.co.nz?

No, it is not possible according to our Terms and Conditions. We don’t sell images as well as templates separately from each other.


8. Can I get access to all downloads for a specific time after paying one price?

Currently we do not offer a unique Membership.


9. Do you offer any return policy?

You can request a product refund at billing@templatefinder.co.nz within 2 weeks after you ordered the product. Make sure to provide detailed reasons for requesting a refund. Your request should not contradict the terms and conditions mentioned in our policy. We will issue you a refund upon receipt of a Waiver of Copyright signed by you.


10. I haven’t got the download details after ordering a template.

In this case please get in touch with our Billing Department. You may use support by phone or email.


11. I received 2 invoices from merchant.

Please check whether these bills have different order IDs. If it is so, make suer to contact our billing department


12. I would like to reactivate my download link which was deactivated after three days. Is it possible to do so?

Of course, you can re-activate it within your account. Visit the Downloads tab or you can directly talk to our billing department.


13. I would like to buy a template, but it is no more available on your site.

The template has been discontinued or sold out for unique price. At templatefinder.co.nz, we discontinue the production of specific products that becomes outdated. As we keep improving our products with constantly developing technology.


14. Is it possible to modify a template to meet my specific website needs?

In this case, please get detailed instructions on editing at our Online Help Centre.


15. What software do you suggest for editing HTML?

We suggest to use additional software such as Dreamweaver, Notepad++, Sublime Text2 or later.


16. Where can I get quality photos to modify my template?

We suggest you to use Depositphotos, ISockphoto, shutterstock to buy best images. It offers more photos, so you will certainly get the best one for modification of your site. You can easily download photos of any size.


17. Is it possible to design my customers’ websites using your templates?

Yes. We allow designers to use our templates for designing high quality websites for their customers. It will save your time and money. Please remember that you are allowed to design only one project when you use an exclusive or ordinary license to buy a template.


18. Can I add low resolution thumbnails of templates on my website so my customers can select designs?

Yes, sure you can do it.


19. Will I get any help for editing my template when I order from Templatefinder.co.nz?

We offer a lot of different sources to help our clients with editing the template. You can get the basic information about your template by using our comprehensive Online Help Centre. We provide information to all our clients’ questions and most common problems. You can get assistance from our qualified support representatives using our phone support, or contact us.


20. Will Templatefinder.co.nz assist me with my template installation?

We don’t include installation services in the package price. Templatefinder.co.nz provide a lot of sources to help our clients in templates installation. You can get appropriate instructions and some relevant articles on our blog.


21. Do you guarantee the compatibility of your templates with any CMS?

We actually don’t assure to offer templates that are compatible with any CMS. However, our PHP-Nuke themes are absolutely compatible with PHP-Nuke.


22. Will you contact my client which website I design using your template?

Of course, our legal department regularly checks licenses. If we don’t find any contact info of designer on the site which used our template, we will directly contact the website owner.


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