5 Top mistakes that make your web design look unprofessional

Everyday a large number of entrepreneurs or businesses build their own websites. Having a professional website is actually a good way to increase your pool of customers and grow your business. However, there are certain elements that combine to build up a good website. If you have a site with nonsensical look, it can ruin the credibility and goodwill of your business.

5 Top mistakes that make your web design look unprofessional

Most business people find it daunting to create a highly usable site. While most web designers focus more on creativity when building a site. They forget about improving the usability and practicality of a site which actually satisfy the customer’s requirements. So, before you decide to have a new business website you must know top blunders that web designers often commit. This way you can create a professional and usable site for your clients.

1. Increasing the number of clicks

It is a common blunder that usually turns off web users. Every web designer who is well skilled in creating effective sites understand that repetitive clicks distracts the customers. Still may web designers skip to add a shorter way to the content when they design a site with multiple pages. When people visit such websites they have to click several times through multiple pages to find the desired information. Therefore, when you design any informative site use direct routes so your users can easily find the desired content.

2. Ignoring to add the fundamental design elements

Most businesses forget to include major design elements on their site. Most of them may even consider this approach as totally different. If you want to improve the presentation of your site, it is crucial to add elements like brand name, information accessibility, navigation, etc. However, it is not smart to add a lot of customizations as it can turn off your users. As a result, they may not be able to reach the content they actually want. Basically, you must try to keep an ideal balance by customizing your site with only most important design elements. This will prevent it from looking stupid.

Don’t forget to add captivating graphics, images, and banners along with other crucial elements. Remember you are building a site to solve the needs of your audience. You should primarily focus on providing an excellent user experience.

3. Wrong or faulty facets and filters

A great way to help your users find their desired product or quality content is reducing their search time. You can do this easily by adding filters and facets. However, they can ruin the look of whole web design, if done wrong. So, you must set up the facets and filters without any mistake in the first place. It will help your users searching the content, service or product they actually want. But make sure to use different approaches for separate contexts. For example, when you build a page describing computer hard disks you can apply different filters.  Also, make sure to correctly tag the content so your audience can easily search it by using filters.

4. Difficulty in finding the information

A professional web designer must keep their user’s convenience at the top of their priorities. If your audience struggle to reach the desired information, it means you have an unprofessional site. A web designer must ideally add all important links (like How It Works, FAQs, Contact us, etc.) to the homepage.

These are the primary links which help your audience to look for the right information. If you are not able to add all important links on your site’s homepage, you can use the direct approach. This means adding a search bar. Consider the most common requirements of your users when you design a navigational layout of a site. This way you can easily locate the related pages.

5. Your website is not up-to-date

Professional web designers are very well aware that it is important to have an up-to-date website. As it helps the business person and entrepreneur to sustain the competition. Whether you want to add a new theme, attractive plug-ins, etc. Make sure to keep it updated. You must have a web design that meets your customers’ requirements. If you find that new website looks outdated in contrast to other latest layouts, it will appear dumb to your audience. Thankfully now you have great reliable options when it comes to designing a professional site. WordPress is an excellent web design platform which offers an auto-update option. You can browse so many free and paid WordPress web templates on https://www.templatefinder.co.nz/.

You will however need to install Word fence or I Themes Security plugins. These are helpful for real-time protection when used with a CAPTCHA option. This improves the site security and protect it from any undesirable attack.

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